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Member posted this advt. on 06-Oct-2021

We are a preferred migration and Gold partner of Microsoft Azure , delivering unified cloud-based data warehousing, data engineering, and advanced analytics via automated ‘BIRD tools’ with unprecedented capabilities.

Our years of expertise in big data production have enabled us to develop these tools and automation capabilities which ensure your data is migrated from data warehouses to the cloud platforms securely. These tools create an automated migration route which assists in planning, executing, transporting and validating your data.

We enable faster and seamless Data platform modernization using our Automated Migration suite

Datametica Offerings -

Automated Data Platform Modernization Suite :

Migration Planning - Eagle, the migration planner, creates a meticulous well-planned strategy with optimized data model recommendations which helps set up a successful foundation for migration within weeks.

Migration Approach - Raven , the transformer, assists in automating and accelerating translation of source workloads to target workloads. This approach for workload translation save time and efforts required.

Confidence in Migration - Pelican, the monitor, validates data from source to destination accurately granular level with zero data movement. This automation in data validation ensures confidence in decommissioning of existing Legacy Warehouses.

Deliverables :

As part of the project, a comprehensive plan will be created which will include:

Assessment of current infrastructure, Architecture & Analysis

Proposed Azure environment and topology

Migration Strategy and Project Plan

Effort Estimation

Foundation Setup

EDW Migration Planning

Data Validation Reporting

Production deployment Planning

The price quoted and time required will vary depending on the size of the environment, number of applications to be migrated, amount of data to be migrated and complexity of the current infrastructure.