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Member posted this advt. on 02-Oct-2021

A guided framework combining discovery workshops to analyze planning process at your manufacturing company followed by the implementation of a CPM solution based around your organizational processes

Walkerscott will engage the finance team (and other stakeholders) over a 10-week period to deliver a custom-built CPM solution on Azure and ensure user adoption to drive successful outcomes. The high-level agenda is as follows:


Weeks 1-3 - Discovery Phase

Workshops with finance team members to map and analyze planning and forecasting process

Workshops with IT team stakeholders to understand existing ERP solution, if any, other source systems and expected technical + user setup

Weeks 4-8 - Implementation Phase

Set up and testing of underlying solution infrastructure - the Azure data platform

Set up, deployment and testing of all services to enable solution - Kepion, Web, AS, SQL

Solution development and testing

Weeks 9-10 - Training & Go-Live Phase

UAT, training and user adoption workshops using UAT environment to ensure users are comfortable with using the tool

Deployment of production environment and go-live management and post go-live support


Weeks 1-3 - Discovery Phase

Planning and forecasting process mapping documents

Azure infrastructure design and pricing analysis documents

Solution design document with mapping of process to Kepion features

User setup and licensing document

Updated SoW for Implementation Phase based on detailed requirements


10/2/2021 1:34:08 AM